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Brazilian lymphatic drainage

“Special massage technique that combines firm pressure and fast rhythm with pumping and exclusive manoeuvres, altogether producing immediate results.”
  • Detoxifies body
  • Reduces edema
  • Reduces bloated stomach
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves the condition of the skin
  • Reduces fluid retention
  • Improves constipation and other digestive disorders
  • Activates blood flows
  • Gains a better-defined contour
  • Shapes the body
What is Brazilian lymphatic drainage?

Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage is a form of massage therapy aimed at stimulating the drainage or removal of toxins and excess fluid from the body. This type of massage involves gentle stimulation of the deeper tissues in order to stimulate the functions of the lymph and blood vessels in the area to carry away the unwanted toxins, by-products, and fluids. It is a gentle massage therapy aimed at reducing fluid retention, and swelling to restore your body functions while enhancing its curves.

Brazilian lymphatic Drainage Massage is one of the innovative skin rejuvenating and body contouring treatments that brings remarkable and instant results. You can notice a visible improvement in your skin and body contour immediately after the first session.

How does Brazilian lymphatic drainage work?
  1. The manoeuvres used during the sessions of Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage are based on focused or directed caressing and kneading to target then specific tissues of the body. Since the treatment is aimed at cleansing the deeper layers of the skin, it requires a great precision while targeting the specific tissues that are damaged or need to be addressed to correct body contouring issues.
  2. Stimulation of the movements of the stagnant liquids from the deeper tissues of the skin towards the lymphatic junctions from where there can be easily carried to the kidneys and other excretory organs for faster removal. It is particularly suitable for correcting fluid retention, edema, and fatty deposits in the breasts, thighs, tummy region and muscles.
  3. The lymphatic system plays a vital role in this process by supporting the transport of the body tissues along with toxins to be expelled through the renal activities. This effect of lymphatic drainage makes it one of the effective treatments for faster weight loss. The fat burning, thus induced, cannot just help a person lose weight but also enhance the overall body contour.
  4. It is combined with modelling, which works directly on the fat deposits by mobilizing the fat cells called adipocytes in a controlled and directed manner to deeper areas. The modelling massage can also stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph in the tissues and improve cell oxygenation. It works by improving the supply of oxygen, healing nutrients, and other beneficial compounds to the treated area. The improved supply of these substances can support the local repair processes and thus, restore the health of the damaged tissues including skin and muscles.
What are benefits of Brazilian lymphatic drainage?

This type of massage treatment has revolutionized the concept of body contouring. It is a non-invasive treatment that can help restore your perfect body shape by addressing the areas of concern where there is the accumulation of fluids and fats.

It offers a quick solution to reshaping your body as it can remove the unwanted tissues and fluids instantly such that you will be able to notice a remarkable improvement in your appearance immediately after the session.


It offers a gentle slimming massage that is designed to define your body contour. It is extremely effective for deflating the body by removing excess fluids, fats, or other unwanted tissues from specific parts of the body thereby re-shaping your silhouette.

It is also suitable for people, who are unable to lose belly fat or stubborn fatty deposits in certain parts of the body such as thighs and arms.

It will help you achieve a flat tummy and restore the shape of your thighs and arms making you look more attractive.


The elimination of toxins, lymph and edema fluid retained beneath the deeper layers of the skin during Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage offers a safe and effective way to enhance the skin complexion and tone.

It can reduce the dull or lustreless appearance of the skin caused due to aging or exposure to toxins by cleansing it from within. Once the toxins are eliminated, the natural vibrant glow returns making your skin look younger by several years. The deep cleansing processes stimulated by this massage therapy can also rejuvenate your skin with natural results.

It includes a manual form of liposculpture that is carried out by hand to help your body get rid of the excess fluids and damaged tissues from the deeper layers of the skin thus leaving it looking healthier and younger. It may also reverse the skin damage caused due to the repeated exposure of the tissues to harmful toxins and thus, rejuvenate it completely.


You will find a visible improvement in the muscle tone immediately after the first session. The therapy would cleanse away the toxins accumulated in your muscles and other body tissues and thus, improve the efficiency of these organs.

This is why lymphatic drainage is recommended for men and women who want to avoid the lax appearance and have toned and well-defined muscles devoid of fats.


Cellulite is a common skin condition caused due to the deposition of fats under the skin. It can result in redness of the skin with swelling and a dimpling appearance.

It can reduce swelling and other symptoms of cellulite by removing edematous body fluids accumulated under the skin along with unwanted fatty deposits. It can also reduce the fluid retention by supporting the functions of the blood and lymphatic circulation thereby allowing the fluids to be drained away from the areas where they stagnate.

Patients with cellulite are advised to try lymphatic drainage as it can also improve microcirculation in the affected part and enhance the healing processes. It can reactivate the drainage functions of the body thereby reducing the frequency of cellulite in the future.


Lymphatic drainage is suitable for patients who have had a surgical cosmetic treatment like liposuction recently. It can eliminate the leftover fatty deposits and thus, prevent fibrosis and improve the results of the surgery.

What do I feel after Brazilian lymphatic drainage?

Generally, your limbs feel light, you are more relaxed, you feel less pain and feel more energy.

How long does it take for the results to appear?

Patients can notice an improvement in the symptoms immediately after the first session.

For a highly modelled body and perfect silhouette, regular maintenance sessions of Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage should be performed. Most patients need two to three session per month to maintain the results over time. We recommend a full cycle of 10 sessions for satisfactory results, sometime 2 to 3 cycles of 10 or more treatments, depending on your particular problem.

What can I do to improve my results?

It is important to take 2 to 3 litres of liquid daily during back cupping treatments (all types of sugar-free tea allowed) and avoid sweets and carbonated drinks. Your therapist will recommend you regulated diet and exercising that can also contribute to your results.

Who is not recommended for Brazilian lymphatic drainage?

Even though manual lymphatic drainage can have enormous benefits, there are some cases in which it is strictly forbidden:

  • Carcinogenic processes and malignant diseases
Why does Brazilian lymphatic drainage help pre-and after-surgery?

It suitable for patients who have undergone an invasive cosmetic procedure such as liposuction. The treatment is incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating, which is what makes it one of the most sought-after cosmetic therapies. It is recommended to reduce swelling encourage faster healing in the wound area, so that you can get back to your life as quickly and painlessly as possible. It also reduces the risk of complications from surgery, including the formation of scar tissue and fibrosis, an uneven hardening under the skin. Brazilian lymphatic drainage is recommended to have at later stage during the recovery process starting from 4 or 5 weeks after the surgery.