You have successfully done your plastic surgery, you’ve had manual lymphatic drainage immediately after the surgery and you have followed your surgeon’s tips but you’re still swollen, feeling stiff and pain, afraid of fibrosis?

Post-surgical massage treatment is an essential form of therapy but sometimes only regular manual lymphatic drainage isn’t enough to reduce swollen and to prevent fibrosis or break down fibrous tissue formation and especially isn’t enough to shape the body on parts where adipose tissue has not been removed by surgery, most often around the bra area and on the hips.

That’s why we offer you manual lymphatic drainage in combination with maderotherapy which will reduce swollen and improve fluid retention, prevent fibrosis, improve the tone of the superficial layers of tissue, shape the body, decrease the process of scarring by breaking down the collagen fibres and providing a better appearance of the scars, activate the lymphatic drainage system, reduce the pain and stiffness and increase the level of mobility which means faster recovery process and better final results for you.

Before your first treatment your therapist will require information on your medical and surgical history according to which you’ll start your treatments.

From safety reasons, maderotherapy can be applied about 6 to 10 weeks after the surgery, respectively when your wounds heal completely and all incisions are closed. According to the client’s need and the type of surgery he had, the treatment will be applied to the parts of the body where massage is needed.

Your therapist will recommend you about food, fluid intake, the role of taking collagen, wearing fajas and everything else that you may not have been told after surgery or you simply forgot.

Your post-surgery recovery will be easy, comfortable and fast period of your life with Maderotherapy Ireland!


Guided by my lifestyle motto “in a healthy body lives healthy spirit” and my love for a healthy lifestyle, I began to study and practice Maderotherapy.

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