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Guided by my lifestyle motto “in a healthy body lives healthy spirit” and my love for a healthy lifestyle, I began to study and practice Maderotherapy. My aim to bring it closer to people and show how healthier and beneficial this approach is than classic massage.

Through my lifestyle and business practice I promote well-being in order to keep the mind, body and spirit healthy.


Choose wood for looking good

What is maderotherapy?

Maderotherapy is a special kind of body-sculpting massage developed in Colombia in the 1990’s. Based on the use of anatomically designed wooden tools, this kind of massage shapes the figure, speeds up the lymphatic system and circulation, eliminates toxins and excess water, tightens the skin, and thus effectively removes cellulite.

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what people say about us

Very professional always and I just love how my skin improves with every session of Maderotherapy massage. It’s also great for your lymphatic system. I will be keeping this therapy in my secret tool chest against aging too. Just love it.

Ok, I could not move my neck freely when i came in for massage with Thea. I can happily say I am feeling so much freer! The wood rollers and tools that were used during massage felt really good, as no hand or thumb can dig in to those knots! The therapist is very welcoming, highly professional. The room is very warm (which is a must when you are a cold creature! :))Street parking is very cheap which is a bonus. Would be back!

I just had an amazing anti cellulite massage from Tia the best massage I've ever got she made me feel really comfortable and so relaxed leaving. She is great with what she does I booked another massage with herself while I was leaving I was that impressed and can’t wait to return in 2 weeks she’s the best in the business and such a lovely friendly person in general. Can’t wait for my next visit.

Highly recommended the Maderotherapy anti-cellulite full body treatment. I did 12 treatments with Tea and the difference is very visible. My legs and butt become smooth again. Altogether with exercise, Paleo diet, and water intake, I lost 8 cm in my belly circumference. Every time after treatment I felt light, relaxed, and comfortable. It's worth doing it. I did Facial Maderotherapy too. The Lymphatic Drainage and wooden tools worked very well on my face. After treatment my skin was soft and eye-bags and puffiness visibly reduced. Very professional and pleasant treatment.

I had a madero facial! It was incredibly relaxing! Definitely put me into a deep sleep a couple times!! Can’t wait to do it again!! Tea is so professional and talented!! I’ll be sending everyone her way!!

Tea is one of the coolest and the most professional women I’ve met. She knows what she’s doing, the amount of experience she has is unreal. Every time I visit, it feels like I’m treating myself. She’s the first one to offer Maderotherapy in Ireland and I visit be happier to have found her. The massages are top quality and the results undeniable!

If you need a good relaxing time and peace you are in right place! Tea is amazing. So professional, kind and polite! Good approach to the customers.
Her professional skills are amazing. I fell asleep on the table during my massage, that good she is. This is going to be my thing to escape and relax.

Amazing service. Professional team. Room was nice and warm. Recommend this place. Cant wait for next one.

I would highly recommend this massage therapy. The first session surprised me as the wooden rollers and tools feel very different on the skin to how I expected. Very effective in relieving tired muscles and in improving skin tone. Tea is very welcoming, extremely professional and surroundings peaceful and relaxing. Try it and introduce yourself to an experience which could fast become your self care go to routine.

If there is 10 I will give 10 and more. Love Maderotherapy and Tea. I am huge fun of massage and so far this is the best one. Great therapy after good workout, I will recomended everyone, athletes, people who are sitting to much, or someone who want to lose some cm and cellulite. In one word perfect!

Don’t dream of beauty. Work on it!

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Guided by my lifestyle motto “in a healthy body lives healthy spirit” and my love for a healthy lifestyle, I began to study and practice Maderotherapy.

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